Help fixing model export 3ds max
3ds max files included, egg files included. Thats what happens when i try to export. it makes a huge, flat, blobbly mess out of my beautiful stick figure :stuck_out_tongue:
i tried it in pview too, same result
btw, i added in the preset environment for some reason. if you have panda 3d you should have it :\

Hello gartman

I don’t have 3dmax, I only have blender so I use egg2dxf application found in Bin folder to convert the model from egg to dxf format then import it in blender, export it again to egg (but without animation)and it got fixed
maybe this reply helps you

Can’t open the max file, I don’t have the creativity extension suit.

Looking at the model I noticed a bone missing for one of the legs… maybe that’s the problem? Can’t say more.