Help finding x,y of coordinates around circle (solved)

Well I tried to look up formulas for this and I do not understand them.

But what I want to do is say the center of my world is 0,0 so I want to find coordinates x,y around the center of my world.

So say if i wanted to find the coordinates starting at -50y and then the whole way around say clockwise how would I do that in 3d space but only on the x,y and not on the z.

I’m confused cause of the math on how to do this. hehe

I’m really looking to get random x,y in a circle around the center so i can place objects uniformally around the center (i.e. asteroids around the 0,0 of my solar system to then place them circular around my sun)

figured it outs

    position_y = sin(60) * 50
    position_x = cos(60) * 50

60 being the degrees outta 360 degrees

and 50 being my -50 so it will display in a circle where 50y is located at in the 3d space.


another way is to parent a node path(say you asteroid) to a empty NodePath() in the center (0, 0) and then offset the asteroid using setY() or setX() and then use any of the rotation method’s on the empty-center NodePath() and it will make the offset asteroid rotate in a whole circle, this could have benefits depending on your situation, only an idea, good luck!