Help error on mac


This time it’s VRPN (–no-vrpn). Are all your thirdparty packages perhaps compiled for the wrong architecture? Where did they come from?


they came from panda3d 1.8.1


i just hate how compiling takes so long lol


If you have a multi-processor system, you can use “–threads 2” (or more) to make compilation faster.

If you’re compiling a 64-bit 1.9 build, the 1.8.1 thirdparty packages won’t work at all, since they are 32-bits. You will need thirdparty packages that include 64-bit support, like these:

Alternatively, build with --arch i386 to make a 32-bit build.


with the thread 2 wish i could know the percentage but oh well



This is an issue in GTK+2, not in Panda. If you are OK with compiling without PStats, though, you could add --no-gtk2 to the command-line.