help again please!


How do i use PyPE with panda3d…stupid question i no but.

PyPE is just an editor to write a python programm

Use PyPE to write your panda programm and run/lunch it then via command line.
If you are looking for a IDE(Integrated development Environment) try Eclipse, but i think its hard to configure.


Use ActiveState’s Komodo for a Python console inside of an editor. You can tell Komodo to use Panda’s version of Python and run Panda apps (successfully) as well.

Hi Killz, I’m in the middle of writing a ‘Getting Started’ guide for the absolute beginner to Panda3D.

I’m adding pictures to it at the moment, so it’s almost finished. When done, I’ll post it on the forum for you (and everybody else :smiley:).

I hope to get it finished today.