Hello Panda World Tutorial Issue

Hello, first post. Sorry if this has been brought up before now; haven’t taken the time to scour the site for it.

I was working through the Hello Panda World tutorial last night, using Panda 1.6.2 on a system running WinXP, SP3. Things were going okay until I got to the “Intervals and Sequences” portion of the tutorial (panda3d.org/manual/index.php … _the_Panda). Specifically, when I tried to run the code after making the changes on the page, I got a Traceback error saying that the panda3d.core module did not exist (this handles the Point3 code on that page). Curious if something has been changed since that tutorial was written, and what those changes are (I did have success getting it to run under 1.2.3; was re-familiarizing myself with the basics after upgrading).

I’d appreciate any help. Pretty much have settled on using Panda3d for a major project, and want to make sure I understand as much of the basics as I can before moving on to the more advanced stuff.

The panda3d.* method of importing Panda3D classes was introduced in Panda3D 1.7.0. Before that, you have to use pandac.PandaModules instead of panda3d.core.

The old pandac.PandaModules convention should still work in 1.7.

Thank you; that has resolved my problem.

Do you happen to know the current release status of 1.7? Wikipedia lists it as a stable release, however Panda’s own download page does not. Also, could anyone direct me to the release notes for 1.7? Looking for more changes from 1.6.

Finally, it’s likely that once the design document for the project I mentioned is well along, I’ll want to try to recruit coders familiar with Panda. Is there any guidelines for going about doing that, and if so, where are they posted?

The current (unstable) 1.7 release is 1.7.0, although the latest buildbot releases are arguably more stable than that.

The 1.7.1 release (which is a bugfix release) will be released soon (perhaps in a couple of weeks), but is delayed by SourceForge’s attack and consequent downtime.

The release notes for 1.7.0:
panda3d.org/download/panda3d … -1.7.0.txt