Hello everyone. I miss u. I ask a questin about egg-optchar

egg-optchar -inplace -flag XXXhead=head model.egg animation1.egg animation2.egg

That’s the common use.

Now I have several model files and they use the same bone system, so animation1.egg and animation2.egg are valid to model1.egg and model2.egg.

So how could I use egg-optchar tool to deal with model1.egg and model2.egg with their animation files animation1.egg animation2.egg …

Does egg-optchar support this?

Yes. If the “char name” of the models and animations are all the same, such that you can run “pview model1.egg animation2.egg” or “pview model2.egg animation2.egg” or “pview model1.egg animation1.egg” or “pview model2.egg animation1.egg” and all of them work in pview, then egg-optchar will recognize them all as the same skeleton, and convert them all at the same time, if you put all four egg files on the egg-optchar command line.