Hello and Starter kit question...

Hello Everyone, Derek Rayburn here, I have been working on a seemingly simple game concept for a few years now as a hobby. First in VB with the now defunct 6DX engine, then in 3D Game Studio, for a short while in Shockwave, then on to Torque. Each effort I have come extremely close to my core concepts to a point of having a test environment that I could use to flush out the engine’s bugs and/or the feasibility of moving further with each respective technology. Each effort took sometimes multiple years in my spare time. Currently I am still convinced that Torque has all I need, however, it does have serious bugs and inconsistencies that make it very difficult to work with, especially if real life keeps me from it for more than a few weeks due to the custom scripting language and it’s learning curves.

I have watched the Panda 3d community grow and become an amazing asset to the engine it represents both in organization and in documentation/tutorials. I tip my hat to those here that are involved in keeping this place growing.

With a little introduction and some flattery to help entice a response =^) I now have a question…

In most engines there is a “Starter Kit” or general feature demo. I have gone through most of the demos here and was excited about the Roaming Ralph demo, however, what I am looking for is more of a general code base that covers maybe the most common genre of games and a basic setup in this engine. It would be nice if someone could point me to say a FPS basic setup that demonstrates proper use of actors, networking and camera controls in one demo. I know this may be much to ask and while I know that if it was available it most likely would be in the tutorials or manual already. So to wrap it up, has anyone created something like this for download through the forums, maybe on another site, or somewhere that I have just over looked in four days of browsing deeply on the site? Is it possible that someone could point me to two or three code snippets that are the most recent and best resources for me to get started in putting together my own FPS feasibility test?

Thanks in advance!


have you tried looking through the code snippset section of the forum?
there are lots of useful things. FPS+wasd movement is there,too.

guess the main reason why there isnt a feature-complete techdemo of panda is cause panda is very very general purpose. you can trick it into doing pretty much everything you can come up with. so you would end up with a 3d-person realtime fps roundbased mixed reality strategy mmorpg pacman jumpnrun space shooting domino racing simulator demo. or something close to it.

Thank you for the info, especially this: =^)

You must have ESP, that is exactly the game I was looking for! =^) I see your point and it is well taken. Still I think as time goes on it may benefit the Panda community if there were some ready to go (ready to mod) game frameworks even if they only covered the most popular genres and of course in their most basic form.

In other engines the artists were more readily available when solutions like this are available for them to simply mod and add their art.

Moving on…

I have noticed several great threads both in Code Snippets and Showcase (where the authors released code for reference). I look forward to playing around with Panda3D and seeing where I can take it.

One more question, is it easy to find coders/artists here that are available for small projects or portions of projects?

the panda community is comparebly small and most people are already chasing after their own goals. so chances are not that great. noone will prevent you from asking,thought.

the reason why other engines have easy to use kits are:
-those engines are commercial and want to earn money so they have an interest providing those kits so people buy the engine.
-those engines are quite specialized, like quake-based engines for indoors and fps games, like rpg-makes etc , so a single kit or maybe a few works great for them.
-someone volunteered or got paid for creating those kits

guess panda is lacking all points so far :smiley:
but since panda is quite easy to learn, and provides everything you need to get started with it. its no real disadvantage.
also keep in mind that panda is mainly a collection of libraries. not a game-creation kit as torque or so.