Hello and books about blender animation

Hi there,

as this is my first post, I want to say hello to the community! Me,ToM/32/german usually java-coder with jMonkeyEngine, found panda3d 2 or 3 month ago and have to say: marvelous (or any known positive superlative). The documentation is perfect, the forum-community active. And most important! The blender->panda3d pipeline just works… it is so great. That was the cause I started with panda3d beside jMonkeyEngine (that is still under heavy development).

Don’t know if you people all know that there are quite some interesting books available at books.google.com:


Introducing character animation with Blender:

Animating with Blender:

Just for info…

Thx and have a nice weekend,ToM

thanks, these will come in handy :smiley:
good luck with panda3D, i have only known about it
for a couple of days but have to say that it is amazing :stuck_out_tongue: .


hahah, just that was i looking for today, modeling chars, i need to practice… good book… thank you !.