hello and a few questions.

I’ve been watching the forum somewhat for a few months now and just joined… because I have a few questions.

How ready is 1.7 for serious use? What I mean by that, is it stable and mostly bug-free? And one more question, how hard would it be to convert a project in 1.6.2 (which is what I’m currently using) to 1.7.0, and is the ‘egg’ format the same for both? I’ve been working for about three months now on a RTS, and I’m wondering if it’s worth upgrading panda3d.

Thank you.

Hello fellow beast.

1.7.0 is the first in the 1.7 series, and so it is likely full of bugs and you shouldn’t use it for your final product.

But, you might as well use it right now while you’re still developing your game, because this will give you the chance to find and point out any bugs that you would come across and give the devs the chance to fix them.

And yes, the egg format is supposed to be compatible across all versions.

That most definitely will soothe my team of artists (which I’m just so lucky to have a whole network of! :smiley: ).

Well, if that be the case, I see little reason for me to switch to 1.7 yet. As I’m horrible at stomping bugs and even worse at finding them, I’d be of little use.

Thanks fellow beast!

Er, actually I think 1.7 introduces new bugs because it introduces new features. If you arent going to use the new features (p3d system, PhysX wrapper, parallax maps, geometry shaders, automated shadows or SS Ambient Occlusion) then I would suggest to upgrade to 1.7, because it most likely has bugfixes for 1.6.2 features.

What Anon is right. While using 1.6.2 you might run into bugs that where fixed in 1.7.0. If you dont use the cool new features i think its pretty stable.

Panda3d is quite stable in general.

You will need some new features at some point, as you progress.
Why not try this: upgrade (on a test machine eventually) to 1.7.0, see if you have any issues with your project, and if not, there, you’re done.
I’ve ran many complex projects that have been published on these forums and were designed for 1.6.2 or even 1.4 and it took just a few minutes to get them to work on 1.7.0. And should that happen to you, I bet the community will help you solve any issue, if you don’t figure them out yourself in a few seconds…
Anyway, good luck with your project, and if you would care to share that army of artists let us all know :wink:

Thanks for all the replys!

radu: I will try that sometime, I just happen to have a couple test machines lying around. They are basically a mercenary army, offer good terms and they’ll likely defect (except they’re also my good friends :smiley: ).

I hope to be done before the end of the year, maybe earlier if I work harder.