heap allocation error in 1.4.0

Hi all. Sometime last week, I believe, I updated to the publicly-released version of 1.4.0. I believe that my initial test runs of the application were successful. Since then, I’ve primarily been working on some collision detection, unfortunately without source control.

Today, when I returned to the office and began working on it again, I was greeted by a few strange fatal errors. This is the commonest:

I also got some surprising errors, like this one:

:collide(error): Invalid attempt to detect collision from CollisionRay into CollisionRay!

This means that a CollisionRay object attempted to test for an
intersection into a CollisionRay object.  This intersection
test has not yet been defined; it is possible the CollisionRay
object is not intended to be collidable.  Consider calling
set_into_collide_mask(0) on the CollisionRay object, or
set_from_collide_mask(0) on the CollisionRay object.

The interesting part of this is that I only have one ray, a picker ray being used to choose round buttons (CollisionSpheres.) So I’m curious as to how a CollisionRay could collide with itself.

I’m sorry that right now, I don’t have much more to go on. If I’m able to isolate any short test case which yields the same results, I’ll be happy to share it.

The behavior does not occur for me with an old, trusty version (an alpha 1.1.1) which has been my go-to build for over a year. I’d be happy to run my app again on the 4 or 5 different releases I have installed here, if that helps.

Windows XP, GeForce 6800.


Is it possible for me to run your program here in my office?

Yes, we can try it tomorrow; i can check in any outstanding changes into Perforce.