having problems with animation

i have been trying to make a simple animation play for a 3d model hand that i have.It doesnt at all play on the screen.firstly,i made my model and animation in blender and i had exported with chicken 1.0. I read in a forum that when you export the file,two files are to be created,one for the model and one for the animation.only one file was created when i had exported.i had done the animation the way that was supposedly correct which was to use the armatuar modifier and then use the weight paint to assign the vertices.
heres my code

hand= Actor.Actor(“models/actual_animation”




i used the same model for the animation and for the model.

I know that i might have missed allot things so could some one please help me out

thanks greatly

Wrong. In the Actor function you have to load the model first, then the animations. You have to give them a name. (Here you gave it the name “walk”)
Blender exports multiple .egg files. 1 for the model, and 1 for each animation.
Next, the hand.loop(“action”). You must not specify the blender animation name here, but the name you defined for the animation in the Actor function before. So you can either rename the “walk” in the Actor call to “action”, or the other way, make it hand.loop(“walk”).

This code ought to work: (replace the file.egg’s with the correct files)

hand= Actor.Actor("models/hand.egg"




thanks very much for the help
it all works good know
but the thing that puzzles me is the exporter.no matter what file path i set,it always export the egg model into the folder that the blender file was in and the animation egg file was exported to folder in blender that i found by luck.this was the major problem and at least i know now were to find the egg files

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Contact psiberpunk about that – he’s the maintainer of Chicken.