Having problems converting from Mayay7

I’m in a computer science class, and we’ve been trying to find a way to convert a maya 7 file to an egg file, but we’ve had a lot of problems. The FOUNDATION.dll in maya 7 does not support maya2egg6 or maya2egg6.5. Is there any maya2egg7 or another way to convert maya 7 files to egg files?

I don’t think the current distribution version of Panda has been compiled against Maya7. You have three options:

(1) Find a way to convert your model to a Maya6.5 or Maya6.0 format. Surely there is a plugin somewhere that can do this. If nothing else, you can try saving it as an ASCII (.ma) file and then hand-editing the file to change the version number; I’ve heard of people doing this with limited success.

(2) Get the Panda3D sources and build them yourself against your installed version of Maya7. This will require ensuring that you have the OpenMaya sources installed; it may also require hand-editing the makepanda script, or forgoing makepanda and using the ppremake system.

(3) Wait for a new version of Panda3D to be released that supports Maya7. I’m not sure where this falls on the ETC’s priority list. It might be the next version, or it might be a somewhat longer wait.


I’ve heard of all of these, but the problem is that we can’t figure out how to do it excactly.

You’re in luck! Another user has just posted a patch to makepanda to build against Maya7. See this thread: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=1024

If you’ve had some experience installing software before, it shouldn’t be difficult to use makepanda to build Panda from source. However, it does require some programming experience.


This is my second year in a programing class. Plus I have my teacher and the other students if I need any help. Thanks for the advice, and help.

How do you use makepanda? We are having some problems getting directx 9.0’s sdk pointer. Can you help?

Can you use the maya7 PLE edition to convert to an egg, or do you need the full version.

You might need to install the DirectX SDK separately (I’m not sure whether it’s included in thirdparty; it’s probably not, since it’s a separate license from Microsoft).

Unfortunately, you can’t use Maya PLE; that doesn’t ship with an OpenMaya API.


Where can you find the sdk at?

Doing a search for “DirectX SDK” on microsoft.com turned up this URL: http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx/sdk/

Also see this thread.