Having problems converting animations on maya 2009 to egg

I have an animated model I want to export to .egg from an .mb file made in Maya 2009. I’ve tried typing this down for my model and animations on the converter (maya2egg2009).

maya2egg2009 -a both -o .egg .mb
maya2egg2009 -a chan -o .egg .mb

The model appears but the animation doesnt seem to work. The model that was exported remains at the 1st frame of the animation throughout. The funny thing is that it works on Maya 2008 files, but 2009 files oddly do not work. Any ideas why?

All help is greatly appreciated.

How are your vertices assigned? One common mistake is to use hard-skinning, which the current version of maya2egg does not support.

If that’s not your problem, we’ll have to look at your egg files to get a clue as to whether the problem is in the animation itself or the skinning.