Having Difficulties with wrapping bullet physics for panda

I finally got around to try and wrap bullet for Panda. I did this using SWIG, but when I try to import my module I get an error. I was not able to static link all bullet libs into my (obviously) dynamical library and maybe, when I import the Python module, it just fails to find the bullet libs…
If anybody had bullet wrapped and running with Python Panda3d, I could use a heads up.
(there is a sample in the coding snippets part of the Forum, but my problem is with building this)

In fact it was really just an issue with finding the correct libraries. I have no intimate knowledge of Linux and thus messed up on my developer machine, but got it now.

I do however wonder, if I will be able to publish that setup to web. I’m not concerned with platform issues, because this is written on another page, it’s just the question whether including libs from the virtual file system will work at all.
(I’m thinking of the somewhat related thread here:
[Two problems with P3D files))

p3d files aren’t really designed to contain compiled C++ objects (yet), though there’s some rudimentary support there and it’s possible it will work.

But if you really want to make it work, you should create and host a separate package that contains your bullet library and supporting pieces, then reference that package with your p3d file. This pathway does work perfectly; it’s just a little more work to set it up.