Have no packp3d.exe after compile, how to generate it£¿

After compile panda successfully on Windows, there is no packp3d.exe nor pdeploy.exe in the bin folder. How to generate them?

You can get the packp3d and pdeploy tools from runtime.panda3d.org/ .

Also note that if you’re building Panda yourself, you can use the --rtdist option to tell makepanda to generate a “runtime distribution” build. As a final step of this build type, it puts together an image of what gets uploaded to http://runtime.panda3d.org, in the directory built_[distributor]/stage. You then end up with your own locally-built versions of packp3d, pdeploy, and others (they’re in the …/stage directory, and n.b. they’re .p3d files, not .exes).


That is true, though they will not be compatible with the official Panda3D build, and you will need to upload these somewhere yourself on a host if you want people to be able to run your .p3d files. It is not recommended for most standard uses unless you know what you’re doing.

For the record, packp3d.exe is a simple wrapper script that invokes panda3d.exe with packp3d.p3d as argument. Makepanda compiles these .exe files as part of the SDK when it detects the presence of these p3d files in direct/src/p3d, I believe.