Have any one used construct?



Construct is a 2d game maker tool based on MMF multimedia fusion.

I think it as the most intutive way to make games for noon coders.
The drag and drop editor is pretty good for pixly 2d things. For higher things one would use better programs.

But the cool thing is its event system. Basically the game is a huge set of “on” triggers that cause some functionality.

I am thinking it woudl be pretty cool to have a game maker type tool for panda3d. Right now panda3d is kind of in the middle of game maker tools and writing the whole thing in C++. Gogg, RDB, and others have been working alot on getting panda3d more C++ freindly - docs and stuff. Maybe we should try to go other direction try to pick on the existing gamemaker tools.

I can image a gamedesigner starting with the “killer idea” throwing some blocks together. Slowly learning and refining. When the event/trigger system is not enough python is subsituted. When more complex and processing havy stuff is needed C++ is used. Slowly transforming a simple drag and drop game into a full game - all with one library - panda3d.