Has anyone ever tried Zbrush as modeller?

I personally think this is the best modeller for organic models at this moment. It is compitable with maya. It exports in *obj format.
The most impressive feature is the use of Zspheres. These are spheres that can make up a mesh. Zbrush can also be used as a meshpaint tool.
I read you guys used deep paint as mesh painter. Zbrush can do the same thing. Is can preview meshes in different densities. You can save the tool. Make a new low poly mesh for the actual game and a high polygon mesh for the introduction video. It’s not extremely expensive
(about 800 USD.)

At their site you might find an impressive dragon modelling video tutorial.
Give it a try. It’s really impressive

ZBrush is excellent for making highly detailed meshes. But in my experience, reducing those dense meshes is not a particularly efficient way to make low poly character models that are optimized for animation.