Handling objects in scene and change to the other

Hi for all

In my game I’ll have in a table objects like glasses, folks, plates, candles and another ones. And I have some kind of quiz that shows yourself sometimes in the game.
My table is very long so my intention is to put many objects as I can. A reasonable quantity is about 60 objects among the objects cited.
My first question is: What’s a good way to load these guys and maintain performance? I’ve seen loadModelCopy is deprecated. So, what is the better than that to load a model’s copy? What about the traverser? Is their performance decays?

Many questions, right? My another question is about the quiz. It’s another class, and I would like to put it in the game. My question is: how can I change from the current table scence to the quiz scene? There are any special effects. My quiz is an image with some DirectButton for the user click in any of them. A normal quiz.

Well, sorry for the long questions guys, but I have any idea how can I do any of this things. If anyone helps, I would be very grateful.

Thanks for all for the support.

loader.loadModel() does everything that loader.loadModelCopy() used to do. You can use loader.loadModel() for all your loading needs.

For optimizing your scene, there have been many posts on this topic throughout the forums. Short answer is do table.flattenMedium() or table.flattenStrong() after you have loaded everything and put all your objects on the table.

To change scenes, just remove the old scene, with something like table.detach() or table.removeNode(), and create the new scene.