GUI outside the screen


I am developing a game and I want to use theDirectGUI that panda has to handle some things in my screen.
The problem is that I want the gui to be outside of my screen. Something like an external tool. Is that possible or do i have to create two separate applications? If the only way is to use two applications(one for the gui and one for the game) is it possible to pass messages from one application to the other?


Basically I Want to have a functionality similar to the way that the directtools appears in the application - outside of the screen.

any help here would be much appreciate.

You could just open up a second window using base.openWindow. (See the ShowBase apiref for that.)
If you mean an OS-native UI, you’d need to open a tkinter or wxPython or pygtk window - search the forums how to do that.


base.openWindow works fine. I have manage to open a second gui and interact with the main screen.

Is there a specific reason to use wxPython or pygtk window. What will I gain if I use them?

Moreover is there a simple way to swap focus between the two windows. Without the alt tab functionality. E.g by pressing a keyboard num I want to transfer the focus of the mouse to the appropriate screen.(game or gui)

thank you

Your app will have a native look and use the system’s native themes.