GUI and render2d


I recently began to make the GUI for my game, and it took me a world and a half to understand how!

The manual is really bad explained of how to work with it. (Note: All the directGUI elements are very well explained, im relating of how to use them in-screen)

After having 2 very kind friends of the IRC exploited with my questions (I really thank them for all the help) I managed to make it and I want to share it for other newcomers to Panda3D.

So, that’s why I would love to add to the manual or make a tutorial of how to make a GUI using panda3D (well explained, point after point) and have it published so other people can access it easily.

So please, tell me if I’m able to do any of those 2 and how could i do them.

Thanks for reading!

Nobody’s holding you back. We’d all be very happy about any addition :slight_smile:

Just by the way, Panda also supports rocketgui, which is a library for GUI where you define your gui elements in sort of html and css. There are examples on the forums.

not in 1.7.2 and 1.8, maybe some unstable source of 1.8.1

in any case, where or how do i do the tutorial? That was my first question after all

To set the record straight, libRocket is in the public 1.8.0 builds.

I actually sent you a private message with explanations in parallel to writing the previous post here.


I already did it. This is what i was talking about. I hope it helps

Thanks Nemesis#13 for help