Grids base game help

my group has decided to do a grid base game.
i know that ‘for’ loops are needed to make the grids.
but from what i heard from my friends,
the collision detection in the grid is different from normal free roaming collision.
and how is the movement going to be like?
lastly, how to know which grid the character is on?
Sorry for asking so many questions in one go :blush:

well… why should it be different? you can make it different but it should work as it is.

for the movement you can rely on either the ralph-example or the other samples. usualy it depends on how you want to move your character but usualy it’s very easy once you understood how panda works.
and for the grid… either look at the picker-example (chessboard) or calculate the grid from the playerposition. just divide it trough the grid-size.

btw. asking questions is ok^thats what a forum is good for :stuck_out_tongue: