grid points vs grid models?

what is the best way for using a grid based system- to map out a grid of objects, or to just make a list of grid points?

Specifically in relation to how and where a self generating class would produce new instances on the grid.


Just make each grid be 1 Panda3d Unit
then use Vec3(123,232,0) to set the objects.
If you need a map make each tiles be 1x1 Unit and be centered.
Dont forget to flatten strong after you load the map of tiles.

How to you reprecent storage?
I recommend storing map in a text file:


You can store other objects by name

objects["Blue Wizzard"] = Wizzard(pos=(34,3),level=86)

Or by position hash

objects[(43,3)] = Wizzard("Blue Wizzard", level=86)

Or both.

Is there a example you could point me to that shows this in action?

Thanks JB

I have it now- at least for 2d.

I load the text into a list, each item on the list holds an entire row so then I loop through the list, then loop through the row items and do a simple if item==character test and then create the matching object.

JB Skaggs