Greetings from the Bored one

Hello my name is (for all intensive purposes) Pure Bordem and yes that is a purposeful mispelling. :laughing:

Im new with this whole programming thing but not to the whole game creation stuff. I have modeled, mapped, and done some shader-scripting for quake based games and counter strike so in regards to artistic creation, I have my feet plenty wet. I work with GIMP and Blender to achieve these results and through my prowling the web for free stuff I tripped across this little beauty.

Ive spent some time analyzing how this whole panda thing works and its really amazing (espeacially since its python) While I dont protest to know anything about programming I can actually kinda understand python (woot syntax).

I now beg to ask, where do I go from here all mighty knowing ones? I know I need to learn python much better but where do I begin and how should I go about setting it up (with code editors, libraries blah blah) and now I have just a couple questions regarding future potential of Panda.

I saw something new with AI recently, it was (dont quote me on the term) Progressive. The AI with the npcs got more and more intricate as they got closer to the player which really helped lower the stress on the system and added (what I felt) was a concept of more realism. Example: AI sees the player at a distance and since hes so far away his AI is simply run towards them, as he gets closer he now starts maybe hiding behind certian obstacles but keeps moving closer, now that he is close he ducks and dodges from the PC in addition to merely hiding. Do you think Panda could do this “Progressive AI”?

My other question is will there be an actuall level editor that can be used by Panda? Cause having worked with other engines I find it very helpful that I can do alot of things in the editor besides levels, such as NPC routing, spawn placements, Triggered events, blah blah blah using visual refrences not programming it, which to me makes it more accurate and takes time off the programmers load.

Thanks for your time

Pure Bordem

Remeber Theres Always One Boreder Than You

(OH did I forget to mention im actually a musician and sound techy :smiley: )

Here you find plenty of Docs and Books about Python:
Panda3D Manual:

The AI-Thing depends on the Programmer i think. As far as i know doesnt Panda3D include an AI. But it has a nice FSM on which you can build.

There is no Level- or Scene-Editor at the moment. It seems that nobody actually needs one, because the games the people make with panda are totally different. So a scene- or mission-editor should be very generic. You can set triggers in your modelling software, but i dont exactly know how this works (never used it so far).


hmmm ty for your input