greeting card error

ppthonw.exe error
File: panda/src/dxgsg9/dxGraphiocsStateGuardian9.cxx
Line 2373
Expresion: _d3d_device!=NULL

How to solve this?

Fascinating. Is that the only error message?

Are you sure you have 3-D capable hardware, and that you have a correct graphics driver installed for it?


Im newbee with 3d
my Display adapter is: S3 Graphic Inc. Trio3D

Gosh, that’s a very old graphics card. I know very little about it. I don’t know if it even works at all in OpenGL or DirectX8, and we don’t support DirectX7 any more. You could try Googling for “s3 trio3d drivers” and you’ll get several hits for pages that offer drivers for this card, but who knows which of these is the right one to install?

You might try just running in software mode. Edit your Config.prc file to add the lines:

framebuffer-software 1
framebuffer-hardware 0

And remove the line (if it is present):

framebuffer-hardware 1

Of course, running in software mode will be very slow. But it will usually work.


![size=18]IT works and very slow[ /size]:frowning: !

Wow… you should hand you graphics card to a museum…
Software rendering seems to be the only capable way of getting any output at all…(thats what you did) I am sorry to say that, but in case you want to do serious 3D-programming you might run into trouble with that graphic solution… :frowning:

Regards, Bigfoot29

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Spam post seems to be removed :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29