Greeting and question

Hi all im a new so i want to say hello.

And second,

I read a while back that building GUI in Panda3D can be done in two ways.

The first being the Rocket library
The second being panda’s main GUI element (DirectGUI)
The problem I’m currently having (with DirectGUI that is) is trying to make the organization and positioning process a whole lot easier for the creative part of my team. It became even more difficult when the second “alternative” had quite sparse documentation.

I personally think the DirectGUI would really benefit from an update to the design process and to its overall flexibility in relation to performance.

Does anyone thinks there is a solution? Tks.

Hi there and welcome to Panda3D.

Regarding the GUI toolkits available in the engine, the Rocket library has been dropped since it wasn’t supported anymore. But, if you’re looking for a simpler way to create DirectGUI UIs, I’d recommend take a look at the directGUI designer I’ve written a while ago: DirectGui Designer

In the forum you will also find other useful things that’ll help creating UIs.

As for the performance part, is there anything specific that you have encountered? In the past I’ve been able to build quite large UIs without that much of a performance drain or lag.

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