well another day another few boring hours.
a mate of mine send me this wonderful link- >

it’s a quite addictive little flash-game and i couldnt stop playing it. so i thought. hey. what is the deal. the game looks really simple you know. i might aswell port it to panda.
well. so i did :smiley:

and here it is in a somewhat simplified version. rather bare-boned but already quite fun to play.

screenshot here:

featuring self-made sounds (whohoo), crappy grafics, and somewhat fun gameplay.
feel free to improve, change, modify, add stuff,make suggestions, or sell it in order to save starving children in africa.
some ideas would be to add a nice background, music, some better models (real mines instead of smileys) , a highscore , better placementsystem for the mines, and overall nicer visuals.

final notice: the game was written in in less than 9 hours and i got disturbed quite a lot. so dont expect too much.

-merged highscore code from nemesis
-fixed framerate-dependency
-changed some parameters to incrase the “mine moves towards you” effect.

very cool game. thanks for sharing. it’s such fun that i’ve thrown a few lines into it for recording the record :slight_smile:

(+some other minimal changes)

here’s the updated file:

btw, my hiscore was 49, and yours?

i think i went somwhere around 62.
the game sorta sux. you spend more time “debugging” than actually coding :smiley: but i guess thats what game-development is all about :smiley:

Very cool game! Just needs some nice graphics and it’s perfect :slight_smile:

I was able to get up to 826 meters. You just need to keep your mouse cursor at the top of the window and keep tapping LMB. Since you’ll be going left/right due to the enormous acceleration, it’s easy to avoid mines.
So I recommend making the acceleration less, to make it more challenging to play. :slight_smile:

yeah, in my changed version i increased the force by 20% IIRC.
i found it challanging already… :blush:

I got 871 with your version. Just keep your mouse at the top of the window and keep tapping LMB. When you go faster, tap less often.
With the real version, that trick not possible (and its more challenging) because in the real version:

  • Close mines give you a far greater acceleration than far away mines.
  • When you pull yourself up, the mines are also pulled towards you.
  • You aren’t right away pulled up when you grab a mine - no acceleration at first, but that slowly increases. That is the key to making the tapping-trick impossible.

PS. I like the Portal references.

pro. the points you listed where already implemented but the values chosen where to minimal to see the effects.

i had a small mistake which made a part of the acceleration calculation framerate dependant. running with lots of fps would’ve made the acc incredibly huge. so that’s propably why your tapping trick worked to begin with. should be fixed now.
i also merged the highscore code in.

i reuploaded , link is the same as above.
should be more challanging now even with vsync disabled :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I see. Yeah - that’s a lot better :wink:

Why not making a 3D version ?

cause most people dont have a 3d-pointing device :wink:

feel free to extend it. it’s not hard to do the math but the controll gets quite tricky