Hello, I’m new in scripting Panda3D, so I don’t understand how to add Gravity in a game.

Have you to add a Collision and add a falldown-event, and if that’s right, how can I do it?

It’s not as easy as that. Have you programmed in Python before? Have you worked with any 3D engine before? There maybe some that make it that easy. Though, I highly doubt it. The easiest thing I know is blender. You may want to give that a try first. Yes you can make games with blender.

as many people on these forums so eloquently say, “RTFM”
Physics manual: … _to_a_node

And as so many other people say on these forems: LATFTS (Look at the fantastic timestamp)

ahh. oops :blush:

It happens :stuck_out_tongue: