Im just getting ready to try and learn panda3d, i really want to make a good game but im having a hard time understanding something, graphics, so the question is How or were do i get graphics? What do i make them in, and how big should they be? and if you know a good tutorial or site to answer questions like this please let me know!!

When you say graphics are you referring to 3D geometry (“models”), 2D images (“textures”), or something else entirely?

ok, im talking like trees, building, and how to put textures on them.

So, all of the above then.

In general you create the models yourself in a 3D software such as Maya, Blender (free), or 3D Studio MAX. There are many tutorials out there for each of these programs. There are some websites which have free models to use but most of the time they are either of poor quality or too heavy for games. Panda does come with a few models used in the examples (such as the Ralph character) that are useful as temporary art you will replace later.

You create the textures in any image editing software such as GIMP (free), or Photoshop. Which texture is used on each part of the model is usually set in the 3D software and the actual technique depends on which software is used.

Ok can you direct me to how to make a menu and start a game.

All the resources you need to do so are available here on the website.