Graphics Capability

Hi everybody,

I’m just wondering if anyone has an screen shots of a First Person Shooter, or A program that has more “state of the art” graphics then what the screen shots show. I’m in a toss up on which engine to use Panda or OGRE. I don’t necessarily need the ultimate graphics, but the OGRE screen shots look much more advanced. I know most of the screen shots on this site are suppose to be cartoonish. I would be interested in seeing if someone has anything comparable to OGRE.

Thanks in Advance

here are some shots from my project
ogre looks like a grate engine its just
#1 barely runs on Linux
#2 python bindings are horribly buggy even on windows

If you want to do C++/windows only … then ogre might work for you.

I want to remind you that most of the engine screen shot shows off art any ways …
panda3d is Platform Agnostic Networked Display Architecture. It has not attracted too many FPSes to be made for it - if you are making a FPS i would suggest some thing like open source quake engine. But has 2 commercial MMORPG’s - toon town and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. So panda is more for arcade-networking like games. The main FPS feature its missing is the good BSP renderer - so you would have to write it.

Thanks for the reply. I know most of the screen shots on this site are art based, thats why I was trying to get some outside input. Your screen shots are very impressive, and really show off what this engine can do. The project I want to start isn’t really your typical FPS its more of a submarine game with a slight FPS aspect. I think I will start off with Panda since it is so well documented and the support is definitely here. I also want to at some point make it multiplayer. I also know what PANDA stands for now. I was very curious. :smiley: