Graphical Artifacts

I am getting some graphical artifacts in the Manual: Controlling the Camera.
The tops of all objects in this and the previous tutorial have visible thin white lines.

Is this normal? Will all of my game objects have visible top borders?


This is because the default environment model has the wrong texture wrap modes. It specifies a wrap mode of “repeat” instead of “clamp”. It’s a very common mistake, though it is also easy to fix. See Texture Wrap Modes in the manual, the section “One caution about a common wrap mode error”, at the bottom.


Thanks. I’m glad to hear that not everything will look like that.

Any chance that the next release will have corrected default environment models? It gives a bad impression when the first thing you see in the tutorials has a graphical artifact in it.

Thanks again.

Gee, it’s been there for years. Kind of a shame to see that particular artifact go away. :slight_smile:

Seriously, it sounds like a fine idea, but I can’t do it, since I don’t own these models. That will be CMU’s responsibility. In the short term, CMU’s in a bit of a flux right now as they transition to a new Panda representative after Josh’s departure; maybe when things settle down we can get it fixed.


I just fixed the model and committed it to cvs. Should be in there in 1.5.4/1.6.0, I think. For now, you can download a fixed version here:

@drwr, I assume you mean you don’t have access to the CMU’s repo or so? Or is there any licensing or legal issue that restricts us from touching the models? If so, I’ll roll back my changes.

I just meant I didn’t have access to CMU’s repo. Glad to hear that you do. Thanks!