Got PyScripter running on Windows 7

Hi all,

my first post here and I´m from Germany,sorry for my poor english.

Until now I used SPE for programming python but today I found PyScripter, a really great ide for python and its free.

After a few problems I got it up and running with Panda3D.

Install PyScripter

Execute regedit and look for either:
where x.y is the python version or under
if you have installed python for all users on this machine.

If you cant find it I would bet you have only installed the Panda3D Python.

Install Python 2.5 on your PC. Now you should find the registry item. Now change the PythonPath. On my machine it looks like this:

I also changed the python install path

Now I can start PyScripter without an error message and I am able to run Panda3D programs. The only problem is, when I close the Window opened by Panda3d run() method PyScripter close too.

Perhaps someone can solve this problem.

run->external run ALT+F9
very good editor.

I know this is an old post but I was able to simplify the installation to work with pyscripter and panda3d 1.8.1
Instead of changing registry keys i installed python 2.7.3 (the version that comes with panda) directly into the python directory in panda 3d. This tells windows that python is in that folder and avoids having an extra version of python on the computer.