Google search

Your Google search box on the Panda web pages is made less useful because it indexes a lot of pages that do not exist, plus a pages which are not informational.

For instance, if I search for “Physics” I get:

The second and third pages on this list do not exist. The 6th one is to a “Post a Reply” page in the forum. Perhaps you need to tweak your google config to remove these. I’m not sure how the former ones came about (a reorganisation of the site, perhaps?) but the latter one can probably be solves by adding an appropriate robots.txt file to your site, to block spidering of reply links.


Another problem with the google search: Despite appearances, the Panda menubar at the top of the search results page is not the same as menubar for the rest of the site. In particular, the Documentation menu points to pages that no longer exist.


The real problem is that google seems not to have updated their index in the last year or so. We need a more up-to-date search technology.

I’m not sure what to do.

I have an idea. What if we just throw out the google search thingy, and expose a “search the manual” function. (There’s already a “search the forum” function). I believe I can do that with minimal coding.

Would be a good idea.
Where would this search function be.

“Search the forum” is also not very good.(atleast i found it less useful).
But i may be wrong.

I think you are wrong because this function could help to avoid hundrets of posts with the same topic. The only problem is that no one is using this function

It’s too bad the various searches don’t integrate very well with one another - but I have yet to find a CMS that links nice forums and a wiki with static content. :-/