good to start out with?

ok im a novice i know a little bit of C++ but not much and i was wanting a engine to practice on.So could anyone tell me if this is an engine good for novices too or am i over my head?

Well, I’m told Panda is particularly easy to learn and use, and I suspect a large part of this is because it doesn’t require you to know C++. By all accounts, Python is a much easier language to get into, and more powerful in the sense that you can write more code faster using Python than you can in C++.

Still, there’s a lot to learn about Panda, and there probably are simpler 3-D engines out there. But Panda is also very sophisticated, and is actively being developed further, so you won’t outgrow it as you learn more and more.

Everyone’s got their own opinion as to what is the best kind of system to learn on or the easiest to develop on. For instance, I think a scene graph metaphor is very easy to use, once you get the hang of it, and Panda’s scene graph is particularly powerful, but I’ve been surprised by people who’ve been turned off by the whole scene graph idea altogether.

So the bottom line? Try it out, and decide for yourself if it’s a good fit. But I don’t think you’ll be in over your head. Welcome aboard!