Good Python Tutorials

Hi I and just starting out in panda and dont know any python!!!
i have some c++ knowledge so i can understand porgramming terms

is there any good tutorials that i can look at?

all the ones i’ve seen aren’t that good :cry:

thanks for your answers :smiley:

I found this tutorial easy to understand. It’s good for learning the basic syntax of python.

Regardless of experience, you’re best off with a book if you want thorough knowledge of a language. I used “Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner”, and it was the best reference I could have asked for. With online tutorials, you’ll constantly have to scrounge around for information, and not everything is necessarily explained. Save yourself a headache, and use a good book. :slight_smile:

Thx for the answers
but i really dont want a book…
i just dont like books lol
i think that internet tutorials are better because the expianations are to the point.
thx for the replies though :slight_smile:
it would be good if anyone else can post some tuturials :slight_smile:
scroll down a bit. there is a nice collection of links which might be of interest for you.