good game engin for my project ?

Hello everyone :smiley:

I have a game project.
for this, I used 3DS Max & GIMP for 3D model (+ texture)
And I must to have, of course, a Game Engin to have a playable game :slight_smile:

but I have, before try to use it, some questions :

  • Can I create a fighting or racing game with it ?

  • I want to do a multiplayer mode in my game, so how many players can play in the network with that engin ?
    I must to have a servor or somethink like that to will be able to create a multiplayer mode ?
    (this game engin was create for “Disney toontown Online”, right ?)

  • can I create a customize (customization ?) system like “Sims 2” or “Fable” with this engin ?

and don’t worries if you see some’s grammatical error in this post, i’m french… :wink:
(If you see some’s errors, you can tell my :slight_smile: it will grow up my english level :p)


Yup, any game.

An infinite number of players, basically. You do need a server if its an (M)MORPG game, but if its just a basic game with multiplayer mode you can let 1 player host the data himself.

Yes, you can. :wink:

thank you very much :wink:

I will try to use this engin :slight_smile:


That’s one of the mayor advantages of panda3d, you can basically do everything with it. In contrast to game development engines like rpg-maker.

However the downside is, you have to do it all yourself.
For example lets take networking. You have to write a client and a server (which might be running on a client as well), which send data to each other with position/rotation, you have to consider that data sent over a network has lags and that data cannot be sent every frame, which means you need some smoothing.

I recommend panda3d to anyone planning to create a game and having all the freedom, but if you can go with a existing racegame engine it will make life easier.

Yes, i guess that it will be a lot of work to make a game with this engin.

But i’m not interested by a “easy” game engin, because the game engin that do everythink for you isn’t good for making a complet game with a lot of feature :frowning:
I mean that a easy game engin limite your game.
and, in fact, I don’t found a easy game engin for my project :frowning:

also, I’m very interested by the programmation, even if this would take a lot of time to make a playable game 8)

so I will use PANDA 3D to have freedom and to be able do to everygame :slight_smile: