"Going Golden"

How would you package your game, resources, and Panda3D for shipment of a commercial (one that will be sold) game? Would you use Py2Exe or Py2App (for Mac) to bundle the source code and libraries? How would you hide the game art and sound assets such as the wav, egg, bam, png, or .x files? How did or does “Toontownâ€

This question comes up from time to time. Search the forums for py2exe.

Short answer: at the moment, you’ll have to figure out how to make some program like py2exe or a related program work with Panda. It’s doable, but not trivial. But eventually, we plan to provide a feature to make this automatic.

As for hiding the game assets, you can use the multify.exe tool to do that now, it works kind of like zip (or tar, if you are familiar with Unix). Type “multify -h” for a list of options to multify. Once you have a .mf file, you can make it available to your game by putting a couple of lines like this in your Config.prc file:

vfs-mount myAssets.mf /anyRootDirName 0
model-path /anyRootDirName

then you can just call loader.loadModel(‘foo/bar/myFile.bam’), and if the mf file contains foo/bar/myFile.bam, it will load it.