GNU/Debian sarge ppc compile problem...

hi all…

im using GNU/Debian on my ibook so when i try to compile panda3d 1.0.4 on my machine with this command:

python --no-fmod --no-nvidiacg --no-vrpn --no-max7 --no-max6 --no-max5 --no-maya65 no-maya6 --no-maya5 --no-miles --no-helix

im getting error about interrogate so here is the error:

g++ -o built/bin/interrogate -Lbuilt/lib built/tmp/interrogate_composite1.o built/tmp/interrogate_composite2.o built/tmp/libcppParser.a -lpystub -ldtoolconfig -ldtool
built/lib/ undefined reference to `dlerror'
built/lib/ undefined reference to `dlclose'
built/lib/ undefined reference to `dlopen'
collect2: ld çıkış durumu 1 ile döndü

how can i solve the problem ? thanx your advice…


Looks like you got some problem with makepanda finding On
my linux box its in /lib and called which is symlinked to You might have a glitched library path somewhere.

That last line doesn’t look like english, was that expected and can
you translate it?



sorry im using turkish language on my system thatswhy output is turkish so here is the line which i m getting always when i try to compile panda3d.

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


i checked my library and its ok. is symbolic linked to lib/ everything seems ok but still i can’t compile panda3d

The problem is that ‘makepanda’ still doesn’t distinguish between little-endian and big-endian machines. Somewhere in ‘makepanda’ is a line that defines the constant WORDS_BIGENDIAN. It is set to the value ‘undef’ (aka false). For ppc, it should be set to the value ‘1’ (aka true).

Try editing to add -ldl to the link command.



i changed WORDS_BIGENDIAN value from UNDEF to 1 but it didn’t work. so i will try with -ldl command but which line i will write -ldl i mean i couln’t see link command in :blush:


compalation of panda3d has been ended without any problem. i compiled panda3d with WORDS_BIGENDIAN with 1 yesterday it didn’t worked because i forgot the clean build directory :blush: so i had deletet build directory and i tried again so its worked.

thank your for your kindly answers and helps.