glsl shaders not working in Ubuntu with fglrx driver

Condition: Radeon HD 5450 on Ubuntu with fglrx driver 13.4 (latest non-beta).
Result: Any object with a GLSL shader is not displaying, and the system and/or game may also freeze if the window loses focus.

The only related warning given is: “Invalid GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION format.” I looked in the source where this warning is originating and it appears “GLP(GetString)(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION)” is not returning anything.

Using the open source radeon driver there is no such problem. Also no problem running on an NVIDIA card using open source or proprietary drivers. Any ideas how to proceed with fixing this? Any more info I can provide?

Could it have to do with the #version specified in the GLSL shader? Do other OpenGL applications with GLSL work?

Well this warning is happening as a result of querying the driver for what version of GLSL it supports, so I don’t think it matters what it says in the shader. I tried forcing the supported GLSL version in the source but it didn’t have an effect. I’ll have to wait till tonight to try some other GLSL apps.