Glow Texture Tutorial

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could direct me to a tutorial that explains exactly what I must do in order to create a texture like “tronally.png”.


get an image editor.
paint a texture
paint your glow-texture in the alpha channel
save as png.

the GIMP is a good choice for a image editor. you can paint and edit alphachannels, save them as png’s , it’s free and crossplatform. beside of that it’s a very powerfull editor.

if you need tutorials try to google for gimp and masks.
remember the texture sizes have to be a power of 2.

↑no garantuee on the text above but it should work

good luck with it =)
PS:you can join the panda3d irc channel,too. there you might find a fast answer on such questions

Wow, thanks for the hint on GIMP, it’s a really easy to use piece of software. I managed to create the texture I needed in just a few minutes.

easy to use^^ you’r the first one i heard that from :smiley:. but i’m glad everything worked out for you=)