glass like effect with DirectGui

is there a way I can make a DirectGui (like DirectScrolledList) into a glass like transperent window?

sure. you can use transparent textures on it, or use a custom-made geometry to replace the frame alltogether. the introduction page on DirectGUI in the manual should contain the information neccessary to manipulate the visuals.

Or you can try to make the alpha-blending.

That’s 2 blurried alpha which make the glass effect, then you can easily add “lines” to finish it.

how would i do that?

:arrow_right: Currently no idea

Don’t have time :cry:

self.myFrame = DirectFrame(frameColor=(1,1,1,1) , frameSize=(-.5,.5,-.5,.5 ) )
self.myFrame["frameTexture"] = "yourtexture.png"

you can also make the “window” semi-transparent by changing the


or less.
yourtexture.png should be a power-of-2 image which can contain transparency information,too.
you might need to do enable transparency on the whole thing using