Getting the screen size.

Hey, I was woundering how do you go about getting the screen size and witch screen the user is using for their main? (Not the middle of the window but the screen it self)

Also while i’m at it, how do you hide the mouse from the user? I know windows and other o/s does this differnt so wasnt sure if panda had a more open way of doing this.

for hiding the cursor

        props = WindowProperties()


for getting the size of your screen… dunno but you can get the size of the currently existing windows with

same with Y

Thanks, yea I need to get the size of the screen so when I postion the window its in the middle of the screen, 0,0 on mine is the upper left so wasnt sure how this will effect others with smaller or bigger screen sizes.

Weird, i’m sorta having a weird bug with this.

After reloading back into the main menu the mouse seems to not show up anymore. Yes I check and told it to reshow, but it seems to be hidden behinde one of the images, cus like, if I can get it into the right spot, I can click the buttons but the mouse just doesnt show at all?


Thanks, got it to work.