Getting involved in Panda3D development

Hi all,
I love to program and am looking for a new project to get involved with. I am an avid Toontown player and discovered that Panda3D is open source. I would love to contribute to the engine. So my question to everyone is, where do I start? What is needed?

I have worked through the tutorials and am beginning to understand how Panda3D works. I have been programming for many years. I have experience in C++, Java, javascript, PHP, and Python. I have written code for a text engine (in C++) for Metrowerks, ported applications to the macOS X platform (back in the early 2000s), and done extensive development of/in the Zikula web application framework. Thanks so much!


Welcome to the community and thank you for your desire to get involved with Panda3D development! Start by taking a look at Panda3Dā€™s contributing guide and this Get Involved page. I also recommend joining the Discord server (invite link: to be able to discuss potential code or documentation changes.

EDIT: Fix Discord link to not expire after 24 hours for anyone visiting this thread in the future.

I joined the Discord server and will start digging through the guide. Thanks for the fast reply.