getting ConfigVariable's description

v1.4.2 : this returns empty string for all vars :

print ConfigVariable('fullscreen').getDescription()

How to do it correctly ?

Hmm. It prints “DConfig” here at 1.5.0.

DConfig for all vars ?
listVariables() doesn’t print any description here, just the values.

Perhaps your version of 1.4.2 was (inadvertently?) built as a production build, instead of as a development build? In that case, the config variable descriptions are stripped out to make the build smaller.

Even when the descriptions are available, certain older variables (like “fullscreen”) were defined using the old DConfig system, which did not provide a place to put a description. So for these old variables, the description is just “DConfig”.


David, makepanda’s default OPTIMIZE level is 3, while NDEBUG is defined only in level 4. The proof is assertions are still around.
Whatever it was, it seems fixed already. One more noise from me…