getting all files in a folder under direct copied over

I’m currently building using makepanda, and i was wondering if there was a way to make sure a particular directory in the direct folder could make it all the way to the installation directory. I get the files in the root of the folder (direct/my_dir) but there are a few sub directories underneath that one that need to get copied as well. (direct/my_dir/sub_dir, etc) They make it as far as the built directory after building but the installer doesn’t copy the entire tree over. Just in case it matters there are a mixture of .py and other files. Any thoughts?


bumping this…still needs resolved. Anyone?

Since Panda doesn’t use deeply nested source trees, it would surprise me if makepanda already included support for them. If you really need this, you’ll probably have to add the required code to makepanda yourself.


Thanks for taking a look David.

So it’s makepanda that I would need to edit? I was thinking it was whatever Nsi script that’s used when the installer builds/runs, but I guess that has to move things from the built folder after compilation so it may be both…or am I way off?

EDIT: makepanda does do a full subdirectory copy using xcopy under windows with the /E flag. And since the entire tree makes it to /built/direct/… I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the NSI…