Getting Airblade to run.

I downloaded and installed panda3d-1.2.3 months ago. I realized that this was an old version but when I tired to run Airblade it seemed like my machine was froze. Then after asking a few questions here and on the panda3d irc channel I relized I needed to download and install Panda3d 1.3.1 and to turn on hardware acceleration for the graphics chip in my laptop AND set the renderer to DX8 in the config.prc file. I have DirectX 9.0 installed on my laptop but from some reason the panda demos do not run if use the command pandadx9 in the config.prc file nothing works. I get and error. But load-display pandadx8 works fine.

My question is that if I again download the file and unzip it to its own directory will it use the config.prc that I have now in the Panda3d-1.3.1 directory OR does it come with its own config.prc file and settings?

It does not contain its own Config.prc. It will use the one provided by panda.

  • Josh

Ok I just unzipped to a directory on my Desktop (C:\Documents and Users\Desktop\airblade-1.3.0.With the directory structure of the zip intact. Since there is no readme or .doc file I do not know what python file to run. So I just guessed. I opened a command box and type >ppyton

I got a panda3d window with a black background that just did nothing for 5 minutes.

Here is the output in the command box Before I forceably closed the panda3d window.

:prc(warning): changing default value for ConfigVariable audio-cache-limit from '15' to '128'.
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Warning: DirectNotify: category 'Interval' already exists
Known pipe types:
(3 aux display modules not yet loaded.)
:util(warning): Adjusting global clock's real time by 5.68907 seconds.
:pgraph(warning): Cannot create a bin named gui-popup; already have a bin by that name.
:pgraph(warning): Deprecated PandaNode::set_bound() called.  Use set_bounds() instead.
Player enters Idle State

Is this just my machine or does panda3d acutually run this slow. I do have a 1.5mhz class machine which should not be THAT slow. The panda3d demos ran resonably fast once I adjusted the config.prc file and turned on HW acceleration.

The airblade 1.3.0 version comes with its own Config.prc file (just checked that)…

Don’t forget, there are two versions of airblade: the stand-alone distribution (airblade-1.3.2.exe) and the raw source code ( The stand-alone distribution certainly does come with its own config.prc, it would have to. The raw source code doesn’t. The stand-alone distribution has the 3D models in compiled (BAM) format. The source code has the 3D models in uncompiled (EGG) format.

On my machine, using the stand-alone distribution, it takes 6 seconds from the time I click “play airblade” to the time that I see the main menu. Using the raw source version with uncompiled models, it takes 35 seconds.

If it’s taking 5 minutes, something’s wrong.