Getting a line's vertices. [SOLVED]

I’m working on building a path finding script. I’m using a map of nodes that I generate from the vertices in an egg full of lines.

I started writing my path finding script and I realized that the easiest way for me to determine if movement points should be considered adjacent to another would be to use the lines in the egg file. I looked up the eggLine class in the reference and checked all the methods of it and those it inherits from eggPrimitive and eggNode, but I couldn’t find one that would return the indexes of the vertices the line uses. Is there a way to do this?

What would be best is if I could get all the lines attached to a given vertex, and then all the vertexes at the other end of those lines.

Nevermind, I found that if I use getVertex(0) I’ll get the first vertex in the line. I should have figured that would work even though the method says you retrieve according to their index, and the vertex was number 7. For some reason I was thinking I had to know the actual numbers of the vertices to use getVertex to get them.