getName() and getFullpath()

Hey guys,

i was wondering how getName() should behave between different operating systems. When i call getName() under unix on a new Nodepath which got created by loading a model, i get back the name of the egg-file. Under windows it gives me back the egg-file + the directiory it is in. So i dont think thats the right behaviour of this method or should it be inconsistent in its output? Also i found out that, when calling getFullpath() on the modelnode directly i get back “/path/…/file.egg” under unix and “/path/…\file.egg” under windows. so thats probably where the error is located.

Greetz Blaz

Hmm, you didn’t attempt to load a model using Windows-style pathnames, did you? e.g. loader.loadModel(‘mydir\file.egg’)? And you don’t have backslashes on any directories in your model-path?

I don’t know where that backslash came from in your Windows example. It works perfectly for me with no backslashes. So I’m thinking it must have come from something in your environment. Do you have any ideas?


Ah silly me, forgot to convert the pathnames to unix-style. Works perfectly now.

thanks alot for your time