Get Panda3D to run concurrently with QOpenGLWidget


I am making a PyQt5 interface to start different window types, namely pyglet (through psychopy), QOpenGLWidget and Panda3D.
When I launch windows individually everything works fine, but when I launch Panda3D concurrently with my QOpenGLWidget the widget updates but Panda3D shows a black screen.
The purpose of running the windows concurrently is that Panda3D shows a navigable virtual environment and the widget appears on top (with transparency) for visual stimuli.

I suspect this has something to do with OpenGL contexts but I can’t quite get my hand on a working solution (and I looked!).

Any help would be very appreciated!

If what I want to do is not known to be possible (or desirable), what would be the way of putting the code of my widget (initializeGL, paintGL functions), destined to create a texture based on a stimulus class which is updated each frame (meaning that I need to pass the changing attributes to the shader in paintGL), in Panda3D?
This was not obvious from the threads I read (sadly there are not many).


Side note: I update both Panda3D and the widget on a frame per frame basis, using taskMgr.step and widget.repaint, so my understanding is that they belong to the same thread and share the same context, which I tried to solve without success.

Given the lack of answer on what seems to be an otherwise pretty active forum, I’ll just assume this isn’t actually in Panda3D’s capabilities as an engine.
I guess I’ll move to a full OpenGL implementation.

It may also be that you’re working with a very specific set of tools and requirements, and that there’s no-one here on the forum who is familiar with them, or with their potential effects on or integration with Panda.