Get outstanding scenes displayed in Panda

Hello - I have a bunch of dsmax scenes lighted with Vray,
I would like to understand the right methodology to get them displayed as beautiful as possible under Panda.

I have no problem with exporting from dsmax, but what i’m missing is what to export: baked texture maps???

What should be the egg content wrt normal maps, bump maps, diffusion, …

And then how to get them displayed properly

Sorry if i’m not clear


diffuse textures, baked lightmaps, specular textures, normal maps.

i dont know about 3dsmax or how to export them. but panda can display all of the above mentioned textures. for scenes with static lighting you will get very convincing results with just those 4. the first 3 still look pretty good. the first 2 can look quite good depending on the scene. with only diffuse textures it will look pretty horrible.

Thank you Tomas -
About the maps, are there usually embedded in egg file when you export them, or are u generating a specific texture for each map?
The same with the static lights, is there a way to get them embedded in the egg file or should I instance them in my program?
One more thing, in 3dsmax and other program there is an option to export “completemap”, do you know how to use it?
My intent was to use an utility named Flatiron (very nice see to bake everything static, but I’m not sure if this is ok with Panda.

Escuse me to sound dummy, but basically is there a need to write a specifc shader to get nice looking stuff in Panda?

textures all go into separate files. the egg only holds the path to that texture.
light information cant be stored in egg files, so you would have to either set them up in code , or to export dummy-objects in your egg, and write some code that replaces those upon loading.

baking stuff usually is fine (if your scene is mostly static). and you can get pretty realistic scenes even completely without shaders. the most common shaders you might wish to use are already in panda’s shader generator. so there probably is no need to write your own.

as i said, i have no information about the 3dsmax pipeline. if you can export the geometry and the rigth UV-sets. and if you have some way to save the texture files you need, then you can at least puzzle together the texture stages by code in panda. (even if 3dsmax cant export it all at once into an egg)

Good stuff:
another question: how to include material rendering? How are they managed in Panda? Is there a need to write a specific shader?
still learning, Panda is friendly but not ‘easy’