GeomQuad and GeomSphere?

Looking around in the C++ header files I notice in graphicsStateGuardianBase.h there are these two declarations with no associated code:

  virtual void draw_quad(GeomQuad *geom, GeomContext *gc) { }
  virtual void draw_sphere(GeomSphere *geom, GeomContext *gc) { }

I’m just curious what happened to these things, and if such objects will soon be appearing in a new release of Panda. I understand one can always go create an egg file with any old shape, but the simplicity and freedom of creating some kinds of shapes on the fly is appealing…

These are vestigial. They existed in Panda3D 1.0, but were removed when we went to 1.1, in the interest of streamlining the low-level interface more towards what’s actually supported by hardware.